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Employment Law

Complex federal and state employment laws impose a myriad of legal obligations and associated risks on today’s employers. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of employment law and are prepared to counsel and defend against the full range of employment-related lawsuits, including: discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, ERISA violations, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, defamation, independent contractor issues, intentional torts, whistle blower claims, disability claims, Family and Medical Leave Act violations, qui tam actions and many other employment related issues.

Our goal is to help you find solutions to workplace issues and keep you out of court. But, when lawsuits do arise, our lawyers are ready to defend you vigorously.

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Healthcare Law

Healthcare entities are faced with numerous challenges as a result of our heavily regulated and continuously changing healthcare industry.Our lawyers possess the knowledge and are experienced in the specialized laws that affect the unique needs and operations of each our healthcare clients.

Our clients range from physicians to hospitals to insurers to long-term care facilities. We advise and help our clients address issues involving physician integration, business combinations, contractual matters, state and federal compliance laws, professional liability, staff relations, regulatory matters, ethics concerns, licensing, patient confidentiality and a variety of other health care matters. We understand the many facets of the health care system and are here to help you manage and minimize your individual concerns and risks. We are prepared to defend you against government investigations and complex litigation and readily available to respond to your day-to-day needs.

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Real Property Transactions

The real estate market has undergone dramatic changes over the past several years and real estate transactions have grown increasingly complex. Purchasing or selling residential or commercial real estate should be an exciting experience.

Unfortunately, excitement can easily turn to stress and frustration when unexpected issues and challenges arise. Whether you are buying or selling a home, negotiating a commercial property transaction, or facing potential real estate litigation, our real estate lawyers are available to provide you with comprehensive guidance, and can help you avoid issues that could potentially derail your transaction or cause you unnecessary expense and delays.

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Eminent Domain/Condemnation

“Eminent Domain” refers to the government’s inherent right to take private property from landowners when the taking serves a public purpose, such as building new highways or constructing schools. In some circumstances, private entities, such as utility companies, may also exercise the power of eminent domain. When this right is exercised, the landowner is entitled to receive “just compensation” for the property taken.

Over the years, our law firm has been involved in some of the most noteworthy eminent domain cases in South Carolina and has successfully represented both landowners and condemning authorities. Our experience representing clients on both sides of a condemnation action has given us the unique ability to understand each party’s perspective and enabled us to become thoroughly familiar with every phase of the eminent domain process. Our lawyers know the law, quickly recognize the complex issues, and understand what it takes to accurately assess just compensation. Whether representing a landowner or a condemning authority, our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome. While we are often able to utilize strategies to reach a desired settlement, when appropriate, our lawyers have the experience and know-how to effectively present your case to a jury.

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Municipal Law

We represent municipalities and other public entities in varying capacities, including both general and outside counsel.In addition, we have experience representing private citizens, developers, and organizations in matters involving municipalities and municipal officials. Our lawyers offer advice and representation on a wide variety of issues, helping avoid disputes where possible and efficiently resolving them when necessary. Our experience includes: code enforcement, zoning, land use and planning, labor, construction, bidding and procurement, licensing, ethics, open meeting laws, public access to information, elections, charter creation, annexation, public works issues and other general municipal matters. Whether you are a representative of a municipality seeking legal advice or an individual seeking representation in a municipal law matter, our lawyers are available to respond to your questions and to discuss your legal options.

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